What is inside 100k Factory?

There has been a lot of discussion about 100k Factory Ultra
Edition which is the latest installment of 100k Factory which was produced in
April 2015. Both of these courses will teach you how to make money online but
they use very different methods to get there. In other words, these are two
different business models. 100k Factory Ultra Edition is based on learning to
build your own eCommerce store and using the store to sell physical products,
but you do not have to worry about inventory, packaging, and shipping because
the method involves dropshipping.

You are going to find a lot of information about “what is 100k Factory” but I
want to tell you “what is inside 100k Factory” so let’s get started:

100k Factory Ultra Edition can be essentially divided into two main parts:
training and software. The training consists of 3 “phases” in which you will
learn how to build your eCommerce store, generate traffic to your store, and
finally scale up your store as much as possible. In other words, nothing is
left out of the equation. I know from my own experiences that many times I’ve
purchased courses that look very promising and their business models got me
very excited but when I finished the course I realized the author conveniently
omitted the most important part of all – how to generate traffic! Listen,
nothing is going to work if you are not generating traffic and that is what most of us really need to know. Fortunately,
the folks at 100k Factory have not neglected the importance of traffic and they
have dedicated an entire section of 100k Factory Ultra Edition towards this
extremely important aspect of a successful online business.

There is also going to be 8 weeks of live training in which you find yourselves
on the structured path to success. Remember that your instructors have already
turned this business model into their own 6 and 7 figure eCommerce empires and
they <em>know</em> exactly how to setup a thriving eCommerce store
from A to Z, so the only thing you need to do is remain dedicated and “do your
homework” because they will be giving you homework assignments between each of
the training sessions.

100k Factory Ultra Edition also comes with its own proprietary software known
as the $100k Launchpad. For the record, it might be a little difficult to get
used to the software at first, but you will quickly realize its importance and
its place in this entire equation once you do. The $100k Launchpad software
consists of 3 important tools which are The Content Repository, The Conversion
Optimization Engine, and The Website Factory.

The Content Repository is an abundant library of content that 100k Factory
Ultra Edition users will have access to. The Conversion Optimization Engine is
a user-friendly and intuitive tool that allows you to quickly and easily
implement Exit intent pop-ups, Advanced Opt-in form integration, Split test
control, and many other features. When you combine the list building techniques
revealed in the training with these tools you will quickly realize and
experience its power. Finally, you will have The Website Factory which is
essentially your all-in-one website builder. You will be using WordPress to
build your websites, so we are really talking about a WordPress theme here.     

All things considered there is a lot to be excited about with 100k Factory
Ultra Edition. It’s predecessor became the best-selling product in Jvzoo
history so there is plenty of reasons to have high expectations for the latest
edition of this life changing product.

For more information about 100k Factory Ultra Edition please see my official
review and bonus: http://mecanto.com/courses/100k-factory-ultra-edition-review-bonus/


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